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Hit Pause…

A bit over a week ago, I sent out a newsletter with links to the online membership application, and an invitation to ride the Dalles Mtn 60 loop on the following Saturday. Things changed in a hurry as the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic set in on America and the Pacific Northwest.

Manny, Heather, Holly, Dorothy, Seth, Kelley and I met online last night and shared drinks and discussion. We agree that the thing to do right now is to simply put Team activities on pause. Racing, sponsorships, and new kits all seem a bit trivial at the moment. Our plan is to continue meeting every couple of weeks to assess the current state of affairs. As soon as it is safe to do so, our priority will shift back to what it has always been: Getting together for rides, racing, and camaraderie!

As sad as it is to temporarily lose our physical team community, we will come together again and appreciate what we have even more. For now, let’s all try to appreciate the positive changes occurring as we settle into our new realities: As the parent of two teens that will soon be leaving the nest, I’m thankful that we’re suddenly able to spend more time together as a family. On a larger scale, I’m seeing more smiles and politeness from strangers (outside the toilet paper aisle, anyway).

Finally, our sponsors need our support! Most of them are being severely impacted right now and are being creative in finding ways to serve you safely! If you don’t already, follow each of them on Insta and Facebook so you can stay up to date on their current status:

  • Dirty Fingers 541.308.0420: Wrenching and sales continue (except beer)! They’ll meet you at the door for pick-ups and drop-offs, Maybe time for that tune-up you’ve been putting off?
  • Double Mountain Brewery & Cidery 541.387.0042: Pizza & Beer to go. You can also pick-up pizza dough for your own creations!
  • Cebu Lounge/Riverside Restaurant: 541.386.4410: A new takeout menu (usually with a great vegan option!) is available each day on their social media pages. Pickup or Delivery is available
  • 10-Speed Coffee Text Bryan at 503.957.5670 and he’ll get your order of beans ready and arrange a pick-up location
  • Pacheco Construction: 541.965.2388 If you’ve got an outdoor project, Jimmy is ready to jump on it!

And our remaining local sponsors will need our support as soon as they’re able to get back up and running: Gorge Athletic Clubs, Mend Bodyworks, & Sports Wellness Consulting.

In closing, I wanted to pass along some really great words from our team secretary and frontline hero, Kelley Morris:

As an ER nurse, I’ve found comfort in viewing this strange and uncertain state of our lives in the same way I would view a very very long ride… I don’t know how this will go, I have no idea what we will endure, I don’t ever really know for certain if I’m ready…But I do know, that these people around me, no matter how far ahead or behind, whether they’re 6 feet apart or 20 miles ahead, will be there for a cheers on the other side. Keep riding, friends. We’ll get there.

Take care. Stay safe.
Find a way to burn some energy and clear the demons in your head!.

Holly’s Board o’ Mojo

Important Information from HRATS regarding Hood River County trail access (Post Canyon)

How HR County Tax Measures Affect County Trails

Hello HRATS Supporter!

As a person who presumably uses and enjoys trails in Hood River County (HRC), there are impacts to the trail system within HRC based on the outcome of the county ballot tax measures 14-65 & 14-66 that you may not know about. 

We know that ballot measures to generate revenues (increase taxes) are complicated issues with varying impacts on county residents. We want you to understand one way in which this could affect your quality of life in HRC and understand this is only one dimension of many possible impacts. 

Currently, the county employs a part-time trail coordinator. This individual is the touch point for trail building, trail maintenance and trail events on HRC lands, this includes most of Post Canyon. If both Tax Measures fail, the county is not planning to fill this position after July 31st when the current coordinator retires. 

What does this mean for you and other trail users? Based on conversations with the County Administrator, a County Commissioner, and the Head Forester, the County plans to slowly end their trail program if BOTH measures fail. Ending the Trail Program has the following impacts:

  1. The County will no longer apply for the roughly $100k/year OHV Trail Grant that they have been getting. This money has been the backbone of the County Trail Program.
  2. Loss of the Trail Committee and Trail Adopters that oversee and maintain trails.
  3. Loss of a County Employee to interface with Trail advocates like HRATS. This means new trails and new features will NOT be allowed.
  4. Cancellation of all events permits. Currently, School of Send, Cooper Spur Alpine Team, and Others use these permits to operate on the trails.

The following could happen if BOTH measures fail:

  1. HRATS/Volunteer work parties could be forbidden
  2. After logging, destroyed trails may be forbidden to be rebuilt.

The County Administrator, a County Commissioner, and the Head Forester all said that closing road gates to the County forest is an option if rogue use (commercial/event operation) and rogue trail building/maintenance is not contained in this situation. This includes the gate before Family Man.

Here are some links to information on both measures.
General Info
Prepared Food & Beverage Tax

Thank you for supporting the trails and be sure to Vote by May 21. 


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