The following Gorge area businesses have generously donated money, products, and services to Team Finger for the 2018-19 seasons.  Please thank them with words and patronage!

A team-finger favorite since the pub opened in 2007. The Double Mountain storefront in downtown Hood River features a lively mix of locals and tourists, pizzas and salads, beers and…beers…and of course cyclists.

10 Speed Coffee
The interplay between cycling / active lifestyle communities and cafe culture has always been at the core of 10 Speed Coffee and is what makes it truly unique. We are dedicated to growing cycling culture through sponsorship of local riders, events, national races. A percentage of every purchase goes back into the pursuit of growing cycling culture. You might not catch owner Bryan McGeeney out racing, but at least he’s an avid supporter of Team Finger.

Dirty Fingers Bikes

Pacheco Construction

Gorge Dental
Dr. Andy Olsson and Jennifer “JJ” Johnson are as enthusiastic about supporting Hood River cycling teams as they are about riding and racing. We only wish there were more of them to go around so all the local teams could share their racing talent! If you’re looking for a dentist, take a look at their great team and incredible Gorge view from the exam rooms! Plus Andy’s a super nice guy…who doesn’t want that in their dentist?

Sports Wellness Consulting
One of our founding sponsors, Dr. Melissa Shays has graciously offered her expertise in sports wellness to Team Finger. This is the kind of stuff that’s usually only available to pro and elite level athletes. From ground-breaking nutrition programs to world-class recovery and rehab methods, Melissa and her staff have the background and knowledge to hone your athletic skills to their peak potential.

Our favorite all-around bike company, Kona makes a bike for any use or user. Mountain, road, cross, commute, or kids… Every single Kona we throw a leg over fits great and feels ready to shred, right out of the box. Located in the Northwest and making bikes since 1988, Kona offers selection, durability, and bikes for any budget.

HiFi Sound Cycling Components
Hand-built in Portland, Oregon. HiFi designs top-performing, ultra-fly road, mountain bike, ’cross and track wheels for more inspired riding. Our durable, hand-built wheels can take punishment and help you to dish it out.